dinsdag 12 april 2016

NEW AT THE MAINSTORE - get ready for SPRING !!

Marte dress !! Get ready for Spring !! works also for mesh bodies !!!

The Marty FULL package !! With texture hud so you can change it for your style. Also works for TMP and SLink Body if you adjust your size !!

New releases at SWANK event !! get them now before its to late !


The MARTINE mesh dress !! Comes with Hat, Fur and the dress works for several slink, maitreya, belleza ... mesh bodies !!


Guys you have your chance to get a great suit that works for TMP, Slink and also Standard Avatars ! This MR SL suit is also available in a full package !!


See you all at SWANK !!

dinsdag 16 februari 2016


                                                        NEW RELEASES MAINSTORE


                                                        NEW RELEASES SWANK


                                                                AUTISM SPEAKSô€€‰


                                                                VALENTINE SHOW SALES


vrijdag 4 december 2015

New releases at SWANK for men !

We had the chance to create the textures of this suit for Khronos Resident,  this marvelous suit for the Mr Sl competition is now available for everyone that likes to dress elegant.

Not only for the standard avatars but also themeshproject and SLink mesh avatars !

Get the suit while you can at this reduced price!! tp here

woensdag 4 november 2015

New releases at SWANK also for mesh bodies male/female

Oh yes star war fans this is one for you all. Dot-Be Fashion is releasing the new star war dresses that work for SLINK, Belleza and standard avatars and yes also included is FITmesh. 
(dark lord - storm trooper - C3PO - raider- bounty hunter)

Hey  we did not forget the guys, with these elegant jeans that also work with TMP avatars that is controlable with a texture hud and also includes a FIT mesh !!

Get them while you can !! tp here

zondag 25 oktober 2015

Halloween here we come ... Dot. BE FASHION NEW RELEASES

Dot-be Fashion gives you halloween ... Not only in dresses but also for the classy male ! You can also wear it as couple for halloween since the male and female version have the same prints. How more beautiful is it to show your love by wearing the same prints !

 The STAR dresses can be worn with mesh body Slink - Maitreya - Belleza but also with standard avatars this is a full package meaning, buy 1 dress GET 4

For those guys that already bought the Dot-Be Maarten outfit, you can upgrade the outfit textures with buying the Addon for it. Those who didn't and only want to buy the halloween package 
you can aswell.

vrijdag 9 oktober 2015


SWANK event !! (tp here)

The new brody outfit is specialy for those men that like to be casual get chic ! You get 4 pants, 4 jackets, 5 vests and 5 shirt styles for the price of 300L$. yes you did hear it right !!! Get your item now !!

The New edgy designs for Male and Female are now in the mainstore !!

This jersey dress comes in 5 wonderful designs that are unique and different on the grid. They work with the Belleza body, Maitreya and normal standard avatar. A wonderful collection just for the ladies that want to impress. The standard version comes in fatpack with hud.

These pants with boxers that can be controlled by texture hud work for the Mesh project and standard avatars. Show your style !